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10 Bathroom Renovation Trends for 2020 You Won’t Want to Miss



While Auckland sits in a dreary place in and out of lockdowns, your rooms may be growing a little tiresome to look at day in and day out. It might just be the perfect year to rediscover your love for one or two of your rooms – check out these bathroom renovations ideas straight out of 2020’s worldwide hottest trends!

Going Green

While the world thinks environmentally friendly, we also mean it literally when it comes to this 2020 trend in the bathroom world. Shades of verdant are adorning bathrooms with a warm, foresty and natural feel whether that is in green tiles, paint or finishes. You will be able to lose yourself in a peaceful woodland den while you soak away the day – and you’ll be painting all your friends green with envy too.

Step Into Luxury

Let’s talk freestanding baths, shall we? We all itch to climb on in when we see one at a flash hotel, but now it can be a favourite spot to unwind within your own home oasis. Art deco and organically shaped freestanding baths are making a splash this year, adding elegance to your bathroom so it feels like you are truly on a magical getaway – every day.

Is It Just Me, Or Is Everything Floating?

Space is a hot topic always in bathroom design, but this year, the trend of floating your bathroom furniture is hotter than ever before! From wall-mounted vanities and sinks to floating toilets and bidets, picking your bathroom up off the floor gives your bathroom an instant lift and idea of roominess. We love, love, LOVE this pick me up reno idea for any bathroom!

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Mixing contemporary modernism and retro isn’t exactly new, but 2020 is bringing back its roaring predecessor in a sleek new way! Adding brass or gold fixtures to your bathroom, matching framed mirrors and tiny details paired against beautifully dark tiles and wallpapers gives your bathroom that extra touch of art deco decadence without throwing a themed party in your face. Soak up the prohibition fun, one tiny detail at a time.

Organically Individual

Organic shapes are making their mark on bathrooms worldwide. From asymmetrical freestanding baths creating natural curviture in the room to organically shaped sinks, sometimes even made from original stone to take the look to the next level. Enjoy the bespoke nature of asymmetry, creating natural lines and soft edges.

Going Dark

Embracing dark colours has always been a contentious concept – until you see just how beautiful it looks. Black is the new white and gives your bathroom a deep, relaxing sense of intimacy and calm. Pair black feature walls with paler or soft colours, or hints of brass in your fixtures for an effortlessly glamorous and gothic-chic upgrade to your bathroom.

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Seeing Double

A single vanity with two sinks is a old goodie, but now there’s a growing trend of placing two seperate vanities with a gap between – marking yours and theirs with a definite strike down the middle. Enjoy your own space, never argue about who’s side what is on and enjoy the practical nature and interesting look that two vanities can add to a shared bathroom!

Go Minimal

Simplicity is often taken for granted far too often. Going streamlined and embracing a clean, minimal palette for your bathroom is one of the very best ways to invoke calm and a decluttered peace. Simple and clean lines paired with a glass walk in shower to give the sense of roominess open up your bathroom so you can breathe in it. The only things that should live in your bathroom are the things that have to be there, and nothing else but beautiful, clear space. To truly give yourself the space to unwind – think less is more!

It’s Back

Wallpaper, that is. Whether you love or hate bold wallpaper – you have to admit, it makes you feel something. Feature walls behind vanities are making a striking comeback in ornate designs, black and whites and bold colours to add a dash of wild abandon and style to your bathroom.

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Puny but Punchy

Your tiny bathroom under the stairs shouldn’t be dull and neglected, serving a purpose but giving off no joy! Spark some interest in your powder room with a bold feature wallpaper for visitors to gaze at while they get down to business, or add a chic and ornate mirror above a streamlined sink! Make every room a feature, not a requirement.

There you have it, some of 2020’s most sought after and functional trends for your next bathroom renovation project! Take a deep dive into rediscovering your bathrooms and transforming them into relaxation stations you won’t want to leave!

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