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Bathroom Renovation­s is what we do

We understand that you have dreams and aspirations – we make it our job to work with you to learn what it is you’re looking for and make suggestions to help you get the wow factor out your bathroom. We’ll help you design a stylish bathroom that allows you to indulge, while impressing all who are lucky enough to experience the masterpiece you will call your bathroom.

Dave Roberts

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Dave brings 20 years of commercial and residential building maintenance and project management experience. Managing multiple bathroom replacements within tight time frames has become a passion and skill easily transferred to Five Star Bathrooms. Restaurants, apartments, conference rooms, homes and kitchens – Dave has worked on them all.


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Jan is our problem solver. He has piles of experience and is great for coming up with solutions for all kinds of tricky situations that cross our path. And we certainly have found a few gems. He is also super fussy and tidy. Don’t be surprised to come home and see him on the end of a vacuum cleaner. Jan brings German precision to our team, he’s friendly as and eager to please. He carried out his apprenticeship in Europe and brings a wealth of knowledge with him. Jan is a valuable asset to us and we are grateful to have him with us.

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