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Will Renovating My Bathroom Add Value To My Home?


If you’re looking to sell your home and are wondering how to fetch a better price tag, renovation always tends to spring to mind! What can I afford to renovate? Will it make a difference to my sale price? What kind of renovation do I want to consider? All of these questions, and more, are going to make an appearance in your mind at some point during the renovation process – but let’s put one question to bed for your peace of mind. Yes. A bathroom renovation will almost definitely add value to your home!

Bathroom renovations are considered among the best renovations for a high return rate and a higher asking price on the market. Kitchen renovations also have this kind of appeal but are more costly to renovate than bathrooms most of the time, depending on what your plans are. Experts do say that kitchens and bathrooms sell a property, and we have to agree! That’s why considering a bathroom renovation is a smart way to see a difference to your bottom line at the end of the day.

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What Do I Have To Consider?

The Cost

Renovating a bathroom properly isn’t cheap, but it doesn’t have to cost the earth either! Having a professional designer take a look over your existing bathrooms can really make all the difference in the effective planning of a high-quality renovation. They can point out which existing pieces of your bathroom can still be a good feature, and therefore remain, and which parts would benefit from an overhaul. Your budget is your only limit when aiming to transform your bathroom and raise the value of your overall home. The design limits are endless!

Your Market Competition

Investigating your housing competitors in your area is a good way to get an idea of what kind of standards you are up against. Homes that are in the same value range and size are your direct competition. Being able to see the standard of their bathrooms compared to the rest of the house will give you an indication of what to strive for so that your property is a hot ticket when it comes to sale time.

Your Target Buyer

Considering what kind of person is more likely to buy your property is an essential part of any kind of renovation planning! If your home lends itself towards professional couples sharing the master bathroom, a double sink may be a popular addition to their lifestyles so they can both get ready to go to work at the same time. Never underestimate how comfortable a bathroom can be, creating something modern and functional will have heads turning at an open home. Consider if your house is best suited to a young family that will ideally grow with the house!

An added bath underneath the shower could be all it takes for parents to really be able to imagine taking care of both their needs and the needs of their children. Never underestimate the importance of bath time for young families! On the other end of the spectrum, your home may be a beautifully suitable place for retirees who will eventually need an accessible bathroom in which case a walk in shower is versatile and can have safety features added to it when they decide it’s time to get them! Future-proofing your home is the best offence when looking for your ideal buyers, make it a place they can live in! There’s no point trying to sell to a young family and designing an ultra-modern, slick and cool bathroom that has zero functionality for a young family. So consider your target audience, and it’ll help attract the right buyers.

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You want buyers to not want to easily brush over your property, you want them to really consider your home and imagine themselves in it – so consider renovations that you would want out of your property if you were to buy it again. You know this bathroom better than your prospective buyers, so you will have a better idea of what could be more functional or attractive!

When renovating your bathroom, you don’t have to think big if you don’t think you can afford it – a new sink, bath or shower can be all a bathroom needs for a revived functionality. Adding that bath under the shower, or a double sink might be the only renovation you need to attract the right buyers without having to do the whole room! New mirrors and fixtures can take an older bathroom and shake off some of the dust, as can new tiles or wallpaper. If you’re still not sure about what to do with your bathroom, you can book a FREE consultation with the 5 Star Bathroom specialists for expert advice on how to renovate on your budget and to your requirements!

Happy Renovating!

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