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Magnify Your Miniature Bathroom!


Does your little bathroom seem to be getting more and more cluttered every day? 2020 may be the perfect time for a tiny bathroom makeover! There’s no reason to let a small space cramp your style! There are many easy tips and tricks for making your limited space appear larger and actually become a talking point in your house rather than a closet you begrudgingly visit!

Float It All!

A contemporary trend that is still fashionable in 2020, because it is an absolute winner, is the use of floating cabinets and wall-hung toilets. The more of the bathroom wall that you can actually see gives the impression of free space (to utilise or just enjoy).

Suspended cabinets give a streamlined and functional modern edge to a small bathroom, while wall-mounted sinks and taps leave ample space below for shelves or a small laundry basket instead of a heavy pedestal taking up precious real estate. Wall hung toilets and bidets are still a beautifully contemporary look to reduce clutter in a small room, the cistern is hidden within the wall so the toilet does not stick out as far – giving your bathroom not only a super chic feel, but more floor space to navigate freely around.

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Think Less Is More Storage

When you’re trying to make a small space look large – less really is more. Think quality over quantity when storing items inside the bathroom. Nothing clutters and darkens up a small room than stuff everywhere! Carefully go through the things you actually use on a daily basis and consider if you really need to have all three bars of soap in the only cabinet you have spare in the room. Do you need to store the whole bag of toilet rolls on the floor stuffed between the toilet and the wall? Or if there somewhere else for those guys until you need them?

If shelving is a part of your tiny bathroom renovation plans, think vertical! Tall, tiered and open storage shelves that are both modern and minimalist give you the opportunity to store items for easy reach but also don’t close off the bathroom – if you see through the shelving, there’s more wall space on show to give you the feeling of space! Decluttering your bathroom won’t just make your bathroom look so much bigger, it’ll feel awesome to find new homes for things you don’t use too! As Marie Kondo would say “If it doesn’t spark joy, thank it, and then say goodbye!”

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Create Flow with Glass

As previously mentioned, to keep your little room looking large, you need to see as much of it as possible! Glass showers give you the functionality and the sense of flowing space that a shower curtain won’t. When you pull that curtain, you lose half of the room and close it off, so consider glass instead! If your shower is above a bath, replace the curtain with a glass door to give your bathroom a modern and updated look.

Let’s talk walk-in glass showers! That seamless, glassy look is not just for posh hotels. They are beautifully luxurious – and not as expensive as you think! If a tray-less shower is an option for your bathroom, consider a smart tiling design to merge your shower area and bathroom floor seamlessly. Tricking the eye to see more space in your small bathroom is really as easy as keeping your glass clean!

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Never underestimate the power of a large mirror. Mirrors reflect both space and light, and therefore, add the sense of more space – and more light! This is a great option for bathrooms with little daylight available to really open up the room and spread some of the luminous love around.

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Turn a Quirky Space Into a Feature

Many houses, especially if they are older, present to you the fun dilemma of strangely shaped spaces to fill. Plumbing often can be shoved into old eaves of a house with sloping ceilings and very little navigable floor (or head) room. Make use of low ceilings and slopes with a freestanding bath cleverly placed beneath them! You will be able to see the gaps around the bath, giving the air of free space while being a luxury design feature of your home! If storage is going to be an issue, add a sleek bath rack to hold your soap as well as the relaxing cup of tea and candles while you soak up your new spot to unwind.

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Walls or Floors?

You can change the perceived space in your bathroom by using the same tiles on both your floors and walls. Merging them together effectively eliminates hard lines and obvious cramped areas, opening up your room! Sticking to lighter, airier colours too will brighten your room and reflect any light! Alternatively, be daring and go vibrant with a colourful feature wall to give your bathroom a modern twist, even the smallest room in your house can end up being your favourite!

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The options for utilising limited space can be endless with a bit of imagination, and we know you’ll love rediscovering your little bathroom again and again. Happy renovating!

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