What's Involved in Renovating A Bathroom?

Renovating a Bathroom in Highland Park is one of the most complex and challenging home improvement tasks of them all, due to the number of different people and services required to get the job done right. Having a skilled team working in coordination with one another is vital to the bathroom renovation process.

When renovating your bathroom you can expect to be working with electricians, plumbers, waterproofers, tilers, installers, painters, plasterers, a demolition team – plus the Auckland council. No matter what style you are after, the bathroom renovation process has many pitfalls that can be best avoided with a professional project management team.


Complete Bathroom Renovations Process

Plan your Dream Bathroom, contract all the various services, and start building. All of this can become very chaotic, very quickly. There is an optimum order for trade engagement that must be adhered to, there are relationships to build and maintain, and sourcing all the fixtures and fittings you require to be available exactly when you need them can be a nightmare.

At Five Star Bathrooms our first job is to listen. Once we understand what you need, we choose the best people for your project from a pool of trusted tradesmen. Highland Park bathroom renovations generally run upwards of $18,000. Five Star Bathrooms operate our showroom online, and our staffing fluctuates according to need. This means lower overheads, we then pass these savings directly to our clients, providing quality work at lower prices.

The Type of Bathroom Renovations

For basic cosmetic bathroom renovations in Highland Park, you will generally remodel by replacing and updating countertops, vanities, and sinks. This is a simple way to add some style and freshness to your bathroom.

Floor plan changes are more expensive and complex as they involve changing the entire layout, fitting large ticket items or taking out a wall. This means you will be looking at tiles, paint, and potentially resource consent. You may shift plumbing and electrical outlets, and there will definitely be more time and expense involved.

If you want to go large you will chose a bathroom addition, you will definitely need to talk to the council, you will need to have alternative bathroom facilities and there will be a lot of tradesman coming through that need to be managed.

Five Star Bathrooms is the smart choice for any sized bathroom design and renovation across Highland Park. We design, build, and project manage, so a potentially stressful time becomes hassle free.

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Working on a bathroom makeover design and don’t know where to start? Five Star Bathrooms are your Highland Park bathroom renovations specialists, we can guide you step by step through the process, and help you achieve the look and feel you want for your new bathroom.

Engage a professional team with experience

Five Star Bathrooms Overview
Your Bathroom Renovations Specialists in Highland Park

You must engage a trusted, reliable, and certified team to renovate your bathroom successfully. There are layers of complexity in the redesign or fresh design of the bathroom that are not present in the rest of the home..

Bathroom renovations that are successful and come in on or under budget involve a high level of communication and coordination with various suppliers. Whether you are looking for contemporary or classic styling for your bathroom renovation, the project must be managed properly.

If you lived in the same house for many years or have just purchased a new one, odds are you may need to renovate an older bathrooms. If you want to keep the renovation under control, meet challenges with experience and skill, and stop common budget blowouts, it’s advisable to hire experts.

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What are the main reasons to renovate a bathroom?

Having a bathroom that operates as a functional sanctuary for your family and guests is the goal. You want a space where you can relax, or dash in and out, that is safe, durable and stylish.

A new or refurbished bathroom can:

Increase value

Increase pleasure!

Elevate the space aesthetically

Add functionality

Increase storage space

Add luxury to your lifestyle

Optimise safety and longevity for your home

Add square meters

Make your routines more efficient

What will a Bathroom Renovation cost you in today's Highland Park market?

The average cost for a new bathroom renovation can change from job to job and you are probably wondering how to figure out the cost according to your budget. Here are some tips that will help you determine the cost of remodeling or renovating a bathroom.

You can start by determining the purpose of the bathroom renovation. Does your bathroom need a revamp, a contemporary overhaul?

Do you need more space? Once you determine the purpose you will have a clearer idea of what you need to accomplish your goal.

Start by making a list of everything you need to replace, from your essential cabinetry, through to tiles and window fixtures, tapware, and those big ticket items.

Estimate your labour costs.

Five Star Bathroom Renovations generally start at around $6,000$12,000 for a standard or mid-range bathrooms.

Bathroom Renovation GUARANTEE

When it comes to bathroom design and renovation it pays to hire professionals you can trust and Five Star Bathrooms provide a premium service. Unlike many bathroom renovation companies they are working with low overheads – this translates to reduced costs and optimum service for every client.

There are many bathrooms renovation companies working in the Highland Park area, so why trust this one? 

15 year guarantee on all waterproofing

Warranty on all fittings

A workmanship guarantee

Waterproofing certificate

Coded electrical compliance

Free consultation

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Our standard service is above and beyond what other bathroom renovation companies can provide. Meeting expectations on every build, while ensuring value for money and a stress free process from concept to completion.