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Bathroom Renovations Auckland

Having a skilled team working in coordination with one another is vital to the renovation process of a bathroom.


Renovating a Bathroom in Auckland is one of the most complex and challenging home improvement tasks of them all, due to the amount of different people and services required to get the job done right. Having a skilled team working in coordination with one another is vital to the renovation process of a bathroom.
When renovating your bathroom you can expect to be working with electricians, plumbers, waterproofers, tilers, installers, painters, plasterers, demolition team, and a number of suppliers, not to mention the Auckland council. No matter what style you are looking for the renovation process stays the same.


Plan your dream bathroom, get to contracting all the various services mentioned, and start building. But all of this can become very chaotic, very quickly. Where do I start? Who should I contract first? Which services should I use? That’s where we come in. At 5 Star Bathrooms we first learn what you need, then pick and choose the best people suited for your project. Depending on your type of bathroom renovations, it can cost on average upwards of $18,000 in Auckland, however at 5 star bathrooms we don’t have a showroom, nor do we have lots of staff – which means that our lower overheads allow us to provide you with lower than average prices, without compromising quality.


There are a few different types of renovations that can be made in a bathroom. One of these is a ‘cosmetic bathroom renovations Auckland’, this is the most simple form of bathroom remodel and usually will include updating countertops, vanities, and sinks. Many times in a bathroom upgrade homeowners will re-tile the walls, re-paint the walls, and change the flooring. Floor plan changes are more expensive and much more complex as they involve the changing of the entire layout. This means moving all of the plumbing of the bathroom as well as the contents itself. Finally you could have a Bathroom addition, which involves the addition of an entirely new bathroom to your house. This is often something for families because sometimes just one bathroom isn’t enough to keep up with their busy lives. When renovating with 5 Star Bathrooms we can guarantee your satisfaction with your bathrooms new look.

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