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Bathroom Renovations In Auckland

Having a skilled team working in coordination with one another is vital to the renovation process of a bathroom.


Renovating a Bathroom in Auckland is one of the most complex and challenging home improvement tasks of them all, due to the amount of different people and services required to get the job done right. Having a skilled team working in coordination with one another is vital to the renovation process of a bathroom.
When renovating your bathroom you can expect to be working with electricians, plumbers, waterproofers, tilers, installers, painters, plasterers, demolition team, and a number of suppliers, not to mention the Auckland council. No matter what style you are looking for the renovation process stays the same.


Plan your dream bathroom, get to contracting all the various services mentioned, and start building. But all of this can become very chaotic, very quickly. Where do I start? Who should I contract first? Which services should I use? That’s where we come in. At 5 Star Bathrooms we first learn what you need, then pick and choose the best people suited for your project. Depending on your type of bathroom renovations cost, it can cost on average upwards of $18,000 in Auckland, however at 5 star bathrooms we don’t have a showroom, nor do we have lots of staff – which means that our lower overheads allow us to provide you with lower than average prices, without compromising quality.


There are a few different types of renovations that can be made in a bathroom. One of these is a ‘cosmetic bathroom renovations Auckland’, this is the most simple form of bathroom remodel and usually will include updating countertops, vanities, and sinks. Many times in a bathroom upgrade homeowners will re-tile the walls, re-paint the walls, and change the flooring. Floor plan changes are more expensive and much more complex as they involve the changing of the entire layout. This means moving all of the plumbing of the bathroom as well as the contents itself. Finally you could have a Bathroom addition, which involves the addition of an entirely new bathroom to your house. This is often something for families because sometimes just one bathroom isn’t enough to keep up with their busy lives. When renovating with 5 Star Bathrooms we can guarantee your satisfaction with your bathrooms new look.

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Are you thinking of establishing a bathroom makeover design and can’t decide where to begin? If this is the first question you ask, then don’t worry you are in luck thanks to 5 Star Bathroom your best Bathroom Renovations Auckland specialist who will give you a complete step by step process, and to help you achieve a compelling and exciting look you will appreciate.

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5 Star Bathrooms Overview - Your Bathroom Renovations Auckland

Did you know renovating a bathroom is the most complicated proves because you are thinking about changing everything from the ground up and you need someone who is trusted, reliable, and certified skilled team to renovate your bathroom successfully?. Bathroom renovating involves a high level of communication and coordination with various suppliers.

Whether you are looking for contemporary or classic styling for your bathroom renovating, the process needs to be superior that can bring new life without stress and too much thinking. If you lived in the same house for many years or just purchased a new one, odds are you may be facing the need to renovate older bathrooms.As many of you know Bathroom Renovations are the most expensive tasks and involve so many things that fit your vision.

Let’s start from the scratch shall we,

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  • What is involved in a bathroom renovations?
  • Type of Bathroom Renovations
  • Bathroom Renovations Gallery
  • What are the reasons for a bathroom renovating?
  • Bathroom renovation cost or price in Auckland
  • Bathroom Renovations Services
  • Bathroom Renovation GUARANTEE
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What is involved in a bathroom renovations?

The first step you need in renovating any bathrooms is to do your homework, plan, and execute. You should go over many aspects beyond choosing showers, colors, fixtures, and tiles. As a homeowner, you need to start looking at what are the main things involved in bathroom renovations that need immediate attention before settling down on a perfect bathroom design idea.

Just look beyond the obvious, here are few things you should notice in the bathroom such as,

  • Lighting ideas
  • Carpentry work
  • Cabinetry space
  • Design and functionality
  • Window or skylight placement
  • Shelving
  • Ventilation
  • Accessories
  • Walls and flooring
  • Placement of electrical outlets

Type of Bathroom Renovations

Renovating or remodeling a bathroom can make a big difference to your homes. This will add more value to your property by fulfilling improved functionality. Cheap Bathroom renovation can be an exciting experience if done in the right way. 5 Star Bathrooms are your Bathroom Renovations Auckland specialists and completely understands your needs and always comes up with innovative, superior, and alluring bathroom design ideas or built customized as per your needs.

Many homeowners renovate their bathrooms for a plethora of reasons, they want instant upgrades because their house is quite old. Some want to add a larger shower or tub and others just want to decorate it to make it look more beautiful and gorgeous as part of the whole home. Whatever your reasons are for renovating, the result certainly pays off once you give it a makeover it deserves.

Some bathroom renovations types you might find interesting,

  • Classic bathrooms
  • Custom bathrooms
  • Modern and contemporary bathrooms
  • Cosmetic bathrooms
  • Master bathrooms
  • Luxury and spa bathrooms

Bathroom Renovations Gallery

When it comes to great bathroom renovations services, the inspiration is endless. There is a saying that the quality of your bathroom has a major effect on your home’s overall value. Despite being one of the smallest rooms, bathrooms still require design power when compared to large spaces. The possibilities are endless, all you need is to peek into a few ideas to get inspiration and consider applying to make it more attractive, and amazing in every way possible.

Check out some featured bathroom projects including,

  • Black and white bathroom renovation
  • Eccentric bathroom
  • Roman-inspired bathroom
  • Earth toned bathroom
  • Royal bathroom
  • Dark and sultry bathroom
  • Mirror lined bathroom
  • Beachy white bathroom

What are the reasons for a bathroom renovating?

Having a personalized bathroom is something everyone dreams of, you can also have one for yourself by doing Bathroom Renovation company according to your needs.

Here are some reasons you should know that might do justice with your thinking such as,

  • To increase the home sale value
  • Personalizing an outdated bathroom
  • Give the bathroom more aesthetic appeal
  • Add more functionality and purpose
  • Need more storage space
  • Add luxury and modern amenities
  • For safety reasons rotten floors or leaky bathrooms
  • To increase space by removing walls 
  • Redesigning the layouts

Bathroom renovation cost or price in Auckland

The average cost for a new bathroom renovation can change from job to job and you are probably wondering how to figure out the cost according to your budget. Here are some tips that will help you determine the cost of remodeling or renovating a bathroom.

  • You can start by determining the purpose of the bathroom renovation. Does your bathroom need to modernize to fit with decoration of the rest of the home?
  • Do you need more space? Once you determine the purpose you will have a clear idea of what you need to accomplish your goal
  • Make a list of everything you need to renovate from lighting, paint, tiles, flooring, cabinetry, and more
  • Figuring the cost of hiring the people to perform renovation

In lump sum, the average cost of Bathroom Renovations starts from $6,000 to $12,000 for standard and mid-range bathrooms.

Bathroom Renovations Services

By now you should have understood all the aspects of renovating your bathroom. Now to focus on the company you can hire and why Bathroom Renovations Auckland,christchurch,tauranga and wellington is considered an excellent choice for this job. Their approach to renovating a bathroom is unique, and innovative planning as they can take small or large renovations and completely transform it as If you never knew it was there. If you simply require fixing to the shower and bathtub or want the entire bathroom renovated this is the company you can trust to produce amazing results in no time. Here are their services you must take a look to get a better understanding of their working methods,

  • Trusted suppliers
  • Affordable rates
  • 3 stage 147-point quality assurance
  • Complete design-build and effective project management
  • Client-focused approach
  • Friendly behavior
  • Gives budget planning
  • Qualified professionals for renovating your bathrooms

Bathroom Renovation GUARANTEE

Who says you have to pick the hammer and start breaking your bathrooms? Why not go for a different approach and hire professionals whom you can rely on and trust to give high-quality Bathroom Renovations service with more efficiency and dedication. We all know that there are so many bathrooms renovation companies available in the market so why trust this one? For your peace of mind here are some things you need to take a look at.

  • 15 years of waterproofing product guarantee
  • All product comes with a warranty with supplies and fittings
  • Auckland renovations workmanship guarantee
  • Waterproofing and leakage certificate
  • Electrical code of compliance
  • Free consultation on designs


Feeling the need for upgrading your existing bathroom or just want to have one build from ground up? The time has come for you to book your appointment with Bathroom Renovations in Auckland and let them guide you with the best possible outcomes you will adore. They are willing to go to new lengths just to provide you amazing services and completely change the entire look of your bathrooms that look appealing and live up to your desired expectations.