RemodelApril 23, 2021by 5Starbathrooms2021 – The Year Your Dream Bathroom Gets the Remodel it Deserves

The latest trends and guide on where to find the best bathroom renovators for the job! 

We’ll give you a hint; it’s us!


2021 is well and truly here! And so are new trends hitting bathrooms worldwide! Check out our collection of the latest must-haves and how to contact our expert bathroom renovators at Five Star Bathrooms to make it a reality! 


What’s Trending in 2021?

With the year just beginning, we are staying in the know with little trends starting to pop up, which we know will create timeless looks that you won’t want to update for a long time! Check out these trends for inspiration, and put your own mark on your new bathroom design. 


Clean Lines, and Clean Surfaces

Cleanliness has become a defining factor in the lives of people all over the globe – thanks to the virus that shall not be named! The desire to feel clean and sanitary has definitely flowed over into home design too. This year, bathrooms are going cleaner than ever!

Simple colours, minimalist vanities clear of clutter, and seamless mirrors create a streamlined modern look for any size bathroom and won’t quickly go out of style. Choose minimalist storage units to hide knick-knacks away so that you end up with functional, beautiful space that doesn’t look like it constantly needs a tidy! 


Floating Vanities

These winners are not going anywhere this year, due to their space-saving easy elegance. Floating vanities come in so many shapes, sizes and styles now that you can make them your own way this year. Go for more modern luxury with streamlined taps and mixers in fun colours such as black matte, brass, gold or matte chrome. 


Black Is Not Out of Style Yet!

Giving your new bathroom remodel the modern black twist is still in vogue, creating effortless chic in your bathroom space. Pair a small black feature wall or black and white decorative baroque wallpaper as a feature to spice up the room and give it a look of intrigue. Black taps and fixtures can also modernise a room – so if you want to make bold choices without yanking out the fire engine reds or cobalt blues – go black. 


Freestanding Baths

Nothing screams “LUXURY” like a freestanding bath. If you want the wow factor when your visitors visit your bathroom, then a freestanding bath does just that. A freestanding bath with organic lines casts a modern glow over a room, while a traditional clawed foot bath or a more traditional shape can give your bathroom a decadent grown-up look dripping in style. 


Shower Feature Walls

According to Houzz U.S bathroom study trends of the last year, over a third of property owners opted for an accent area or feature wall specifically in the shower area. Blue was the most popular accent colour other than traditional white, but it leaves plenty of room for evolving this year! Opt for bold or subtle patterns and textures in your feature shower areas, making the shower a special design piece in the room that really stands out instead of blending in. 


Natural, Organic Materials and Colours

Earth is entering the bathroom! Consider your next bathroom remodel to include organic lines when you pick basins, baths, fixtures and features. Asymmetric freestanding basins look super chic with wall mounted taps in natural stone materials and colours, complemented by warm wallpaper tones inspired by nature. Consider terracotta, oranges, rich or pale greens, deep teals and warm creams as your new bathroom palette. Talk to Five Star Bathrooms for the best prices and traders for your stone materials, paint and paper – they will make it a lot easier to find your finishing touches. 


Backlit Mirrors

Mirrors with lighting incorporated are becoming a big trend through 2020 and into 2021. Consider a backlit mirror for your new bathroom remodel, creating depth and light into your typically flat and plain wall. The raised mirror will add an extra dimension to your walls, and the lights are not only functional but give a glamorous touch to your new bathroom look! 


Where to Find the Best Bathroom Remodel Contractors?

Here, at Five Star Bathrooms, we don’t take our name lightly. For whatever bathroom remodelling designs you are seeking, our team can deliver a wealth of experience, excellent customer service design-savvy to every project they undertake. No matter the style of your new bathroom, or the budget you’re working with, you can claim a FREE consultation from our expert team and get one step closer to the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of! 


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