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What are the usual costs of a bathroom renovation?

There are different factors you could consider when calculating a bathroom reno’s costs. These can make the final price vary substantially, depending on your type of bathroom and preferences. Whatever the reason for the renovation – in the end, all of them are a good excuse – it will positively impact the property’s total value (if you intend to sell down the line!) 

No matter the project’s budget, it is said that revamping your bathroom brings along around 60% investment return. So, not only you’ll get a kick out of a refreshed and more functional area, but you’ll also be as happy as a clam when you see your home’s value go up!

In New Zealand, you can expect the cost of a bathroom renovation to run from around $15,000 for a standard-size and low-budget room and up to $ 60,000 for high-end luxuriance. 

So, why is this range so wide? Let’s look at some of the reasons: 


The size does matter

As you may imagine, it will not take the same amount of time and materials to re-tile a 4-square-metre bathroom compared to a 16-square-metre one, for instance. Are you thinking of painting or replacing any other type of flooring and wall finishings? The same rule applies. 


The quality touches

Fortunately, the market offers in New Zealand is wide enough to meet everyone’s needs. Standard-design brands wares and fittings can be installed to suit a lower budget project. In contrast, if you are looking for a more luxurious bathing nook, designer-brand inclusions can increase the final figures.
Frequently, homeowners decide the quality based on the type of property involved. Rental properties are usually on the lower side of the budget, while personal homes are more on the higher end of the quality range. Although it is understandable to go for a budget renovation in a rental property, keep in mind that the better the quality, the better the investment return, as it will require less maintenance. And definitely less fuss in the long run.


The works

If your bathroom requires fixings or a re-design of the current layout, you should take into account the further labour cost to add to the total price tag. For example, changing the WC location alone will incur a more expensive price tag as it will demand extra speciality jobs such as plumbing and drainlaying.


So, what are the most typical groups of costs involved in a renovation? There are three basic categories that you will find in almost every project:

Flooring and wall finishings

This is the first and most popular group, and it is the one that becomes the most evident after completion, despite the budget. To give you an idea, these are the price ranges for some of the materials:

  • Flooring: could go from $1,200 up to $3,000 depending upon the tiles you use and the type of shower you install
  • Re-tiling: This really can change the look of your bathroom dramatically. If you tile the walls in herringbone style using subway tiles, you can push the price up by thousands of dollars. A paint finish will not look quite as good but is less expensive. 

Wares and furniture

If some of the current wares are old, ugly, or just nasty, it is a great time to change them to match the new design. Replacing them helps to give an even fresher look to the place with better functionality. Some of these wares could include:

  • Showers may vary from $1,600 to $3,500 for an acrylic shower unit and from $5,000 to $8,000 for a custom shower. If you are thinking of a glass door as well, this addition could land anywhere between  $1,500 to $3,000.
  • Toilet and accessories start at around $1,000
  • Baths can be found in the market from $300, all the way up to $10,000.
  • Vanities are as accessible as $800 to over $5,000 for a high-end custom-built unit.
  • Basic taps are in the range of  $250 to $700, while designer brands could go up to $2,000.
  • Mirrors are no longer just mirrors. Options are also varied, going from $200 for a simple design to a  $2,500 mirror with integrated gadgets and elements like infrared heater, lighting and defog settings.


Last but not least, the cost of the specialists installing your bathroom. 

A plumber will be required to properly install bathroom wares, especially if the layout is to be changed. Depending on the work type, you may be charged an average of $1,000 for a shower installation, for example, or $700 for a toilet installation. In general, plumbing labour is from  $100 per hour upwards.

Another vital component is the tiler. If your project includes re-tiling the whole bathroom, charges can vary according to what you would like to do

Great results come from knowledge, experience and the best design inspiration. If you are planning a bathroom renovation, contact us today at Five Star Bathrooms for a free consultation to know how we can help you out with your project.


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