Immerse Yourself Into Your Own Five Star Bathroom- Botany

Immerse Yourself Into Your Own Five Star Bathroom- Botany

Immerse Yourself Into Your Own Five Star Bathroom- Botany

Immerse Yourself Into Your Own Five Star Bathroom- Botany

OUR BOTANY BATHROOM SERVICESYour Satisfaction Is Our #1 Priority

Dream Bathroom Renovations - Botany

If you want to feel like you’re getting the five-star treatment within your own home, then consider Five-Star Bathroom renovations for your next renovation project. Our team has a wealth of experience transforming your bathroom, no matter the size, into a space that is luxurious and optimised to include everything you want from a bathroom – and nothing that you don’t.

We promise that once you’ve seen the finished product – you won’t recognise your old bathroom and wish you’d done it a lot sooner.

BEST BATHROOM RENOVATIONS BOTANYWhat's Involved in Renovating A Bathroom?

Renovating a bathroom in Botany is one of the most complex and challenging home improvement tasks of them all, due to the number of different people and services required to get the job done right. Plumbing, alone, takes careful consideration and planning for your project. Having a skilled team working in coordination with one another is vital to the renovation process of a bathroom.

When renovating your bathroom you can expect to be working with electricians, plumbers, waterproofers, tilers, installers, painters, plasterers, demolition team, and a number of suppliers, not to mention the Botany council. No matter what style you are looking for, the renovation process pretty much stays the same and just changes in scope.

Why choose to renovate or rebuild in Botany for your bathroom?

Bathroom renovations or rebuilds, along with kitchen renovations, are easily the front runners of renovations when it comes to adding value, luxury and modern living to your property. Bathroom renovations in Botany are proven to raise sale prices and can make all the difference between an average sale and a great one. To easily create a big change without changing the whole house, bathroom renovations feel lush and expensive (and can be, but they don’t have to break the bank). Changing one room that you use so often, like a bathroom, feels transformative and adds daily comfort to your schedule.

If your bathroom renovation includes a cosy new bath or a spacious new shower, you’re going to really notice a difference in what you want to do after a long hard day and get that five-star feeling in the comfort of your own brand new bathroom. When a bathroom is very old, or you want to move the configuration around – it becomes more of a bathroom rebuild project than a renovation as plumbing and pipes will need to be moved around by a trained specialist, floors pulled up and walls are broken into to access essential connections – making it a more involved task – but often the task that is required.

There is no point in renovating new bathroom fixtures into existing spaces if it was poorly designed in the first place. You might as well rip that bandaid off and reconfigure the plumbing to create a bathroom that flows well and was meant for the space instead of being crammed in there.

Complete Bathroom Renovations Process

Plan your dream bathroom, get to contracting all the various services mentioned, and start building. But all of this can become very chaotic, very quickly. Where do I start? Who should I contact first? Which services should I use?

We can help.

At Five Star Bathrooms we first take the time to really learn what you need and what you want from your project, then pick and choose the best people suited to get your project done well. Depending on your type of design and requirements, your bathroom renovations cost can vary. The average bathroom can cost upwards of $18,000 in Botany, however at Five Star Bathrooms, we don’t have a showroom, nor do we have lots of staff – which means that our lower overheads allow us to provide you with lower than average prices, without compromising on quality. We pass that saving onto our customers and create beautiful bathroom renovations at a fraction of the cost.

The Type of Bathroom Renovations You Can Choose

There are a few different types of renovations that can be made in a bathroom. Among these are ‘cosmetic bathroom renovations in Botany’. Cosmetic bathroom renovations are the most simple form of bathroom remodel, as they are superficial and usually will include updating countertops, vanities, and sinks. This is almost completely non-invasive besides accessing the connections for the existing plumbing, so really is a refit of sorts for your furniture more than a building project.

Often in a bathroom upgrade, homeowners will re-tile the walls, re-paint the walls, and change the flooring. Floor plan changes are more expensive and much more complex as they involve the changing of the entire layout but can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of a room. Floor plan changes mean moving all of the plumbing of the bathroom, as well as the contents themselves.

Last but not least, you could choose a bathroom addition, which involves the addition of an entirely new bathroom to your house. Whether that is making use of an unused nook in your house, or building a brand new bathroom structure connected to your home from scratch – we can help your bathroom design become the home renovation project that adds something to your home without looking out of place.

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Frequently Asked Questions for a Bathroom Renovation Company

Are small bathroom renovations worth it?

Yes! Even that dinky water closet under the stairs can be renovated and add value and comfort to your home. Smaller bathroom renovations in Botany are popular to modernise guest bathrooms, separate toilets and wash closets instead of feeling like a forgotten and dusty room you’d rather not show your guests into. It’s amazing how much a new toilet and sink can do for a small bathroom – or a simple retile and repaint. If your dark little bathroom is a place you’d rather not spend much time in, then consider brightening it up, modernising and creating space where there practically isn’t any with clever choices of bathroom appliances. Talk to our bathroom renovation specialists about the small changes we can make to help make a big difference in your bathroom renovation project. We can help turn a tiny bathroom into an instant feature.

Does adding a new bathroom with a bathroom renovation add value to my home?

Absolutely. Building a new bathroom in your home will definitely add value to your property, especially if you are intending to sell it down the line. It’s amazing what an extra toilet and sink can do to pique a buyer’s interest – especially if it’s new. Extra bathrooms are convenient, and long gone are the days that families settle for one bathroom to share if they can budget and spend that little extra to get a property with more. Adding a new shower room absolutely adds more value, almost more than an extra toilet. If you’re ready to add a new bathroom to your list of renovation projects, consider the space you are considering to renovate, the existing plumbing available – if known – and talk to our team about our complete design and build service to get your project off the ground.

How long does a bathroom renovation in Botany usually take to complete?

That is really dependant on your requirements, whether you need consent for the building or renovation changes, your budget and your expected timeframe. A bathroom renovation in Botany can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks from the date of commencement and depends on when and if demolition needs to take place. Talk to our specialists about your exact requirements to get a better idea of the estimated time it could take to get your bathroom renovation project sorted. Our team members go the extra mile to complete renovation projects in an impressive time frame, to budget and without skipping any corners. Perfection takes time, and you shouldn’t settle for less!

How much does a bathroom renovation cost in Botany?

Like with the timeframes, how much a bathroom renovation might cost varies greatly. Your master bathroom complete with a spa pool is going to cost a lot more than the single separate toilet for guests under the stairs. Even a big bathroom can vary greatly in price, depending on what you want to be renovated and the brand of furniture and appliances you put in there. While bathroom renovation is certainly not “cheap”, it doesn’t have to be ridiculous, either, with careful planning. Your bathroom renovation project can fit in with your budget and achieve a lot of change even with a modest investment. Talk to the bathroom renovation specialists at Five Star Bathrooms today about your renovation plans and get a quote!

How do you make a small bathroom look big with a bathroom renovation?

Bathroom renovations in Botany often address small bathrooms, or single separate toilets, as is a common feature in many traditional and modern builds in New Zealand. The easiest way to make a smaller bathroom feel bigger is to rethink the furniture you have in there. Bulky cabinets take up a lot more space than a floating cabinet, which allows you to see more of the bare floor – giving the room the illusion of more space and air. Since you’re probably not storing a lot of things in a spare or small bathroom, changing up the storage to something smaller and more streamlined is a smart choice. A nice big mirror over the sink can also give the illusion of space, as do all reflective surfaces. If a property allows for it, a bathroom renovation could knock out part of the wall behind the cistern of your current WC and fit a hidden cistern behind the wall, shifting the toilet seat back several inches with a concealed cistern fixed inside the wall instead of out in the open. This option saves you a bit of leg room, and can make quite a big difference for just a few inches of movement.