Luxe Bathroom Design - Ellerslie

Luxe Bathroom Design - Ellerslie

Luxe Bathroom Design - Ellerslie

Luxe Bathroom Design - Ellerslie

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It’s no big secret that a brand new luxury bathroom adds tremendous value to your home and provides enormous day-to-day pleasure. Everyone loves good design and wants to make sure bathrooms have optimised flow and functionality. And just between us, just because it looks and feels like luxury doesn’t mean that it has to cost you luxury prices to obtain. Talk to us today about your bathroom renovation needs!

You may have a fixed idea about what you truly want from your brand new bathroom, or you may go be on the fence about what kind of bathroom design in Ellerslie is going to be best suited for your space or for the home’s aesthetic. If you’re planning on selling the property, it can be valuable to speak to Ellerslie bathroom design experts to find out how to optimise the space to bring the best kind of price bump for your home when it goes to market. Whether you’re sure what you want or need a little bit of inspiration – Five Star Bathrooms has a dedicated team of professional designers to realise your bathroom aspirations and create the bathroom renovation you’ve always wanted.

To make your dream bathrooms, all it takes is to set your vision in motion and come up with a plan to create it from the ground up. Our bathroom designers in Ellerslie are brilliant at taking your practical requirements and tastes and translating them into the real deal; making your dream bathroom an actual reality.

THE FIVE STAR BATHROOMSWhat is Bathroom Design, exactly?

Bathroom design is simply the creative and structural design of a fully functioning bathroom undertaken by a qualified Ellerslie bathroom designer. Beneath the surface this includes configuring where the plumbing pipes, drainage and electrical connections might need to go, while on the surface level, design is what your bathroom looks like. This covers everything from what kind of shower door you want, to the placement of mirrors and room colours. When it comes to renovating or designing a bathroom, there are a lot of things you should think about from layout and design that might seem quite obvious. Once you’ve decided the style and best placement for the right elements in the bathroom, the next step is to choose materials like paint, tiles and sinks to complete the look. All of it should tie together beautifully and feel cohesive.

You may also require furniture and fittings, including lighting, vanities or and blinds for windows for a bit of privacy. It is a fact that adding a wet room adds a layer of complexity to your bathroom renovation decisions. Wet room or regular shower, if you can dream it up – we can make it. If you are looking for a bathroom design that has lasting appeal in your property, you need to find a modern bathroom designs NZ specialist that can deliver a well thought out bathroom that won’t age out in a year or two.

To make a design long-lasting in its appeal, you need to create something in a style you like the most while making it as functional as possible. The quality of the materials is a big factor in the longevity of your new bathroom, and our team of designers and renovators can help deliver superior workmanship within your budget while giving you the best possible value for money for a bathroom that will stay chic for years to come.

Types of Bathroom Design in Ellerslie

A bathroom, especially a proficient bathroom, is more than just a washroom tucked away. It is a place of refreshment and renewal. It is considered a sanctuary away from the stressors of daily life, a place to reinvigorate and relax. You can come here and take hot showers, bubble baths, and cleanse yourself from dirt and worries every day.

A bathroom should serve as a place of happiness and inspiration. Whether it has a sleek modern styling you love and adore, or features a warm and rustic farmhouse set of details. There is always a bathroom design and decoration style perfect for your needs and our bathroom designer team can advise you comprehensively on your options and practical solutions.

Here are some kinds of Bathroom Designs in Ellerslie available for design and installation by the team at Five Star Bathrooms that will take your breath away.

01. Craftsman Style Bathroom Design

02. Industrial Style Bathroom Design

03. Mid Century Bathroom Design

04. Rustic Style Bathroom Design

05. Craftsman Style Bathroom Design

06. Industrial Style Bathroom Design

07. Scandinavian Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design Gallery

Your bathroom needs to be clean and tidy, but most importantly – inviting. Especially when you want a nice atmosphere for mirror selfies or bubble baths. You will be amazed to see how much creativity you can put into making your bathrooms stylish and spark a new wave of luxe living. Dinky loo or master bathroom, your renovation can be as much or as little of your own ideas as you want. You tell us what you want, and we’ll put it down into design.

These listed styles are inspiring and motivational bathroom design ideas that will make you never leave the tub, and be a starting point for our Ellerslie bathroom designer team to understand your tastes. Search for these terms to see what we mean!

  • Floor Focused Bathroom
  • Boho Bathroom
  • Cerulean Bathroom
  • Aqua Floral Bathroom
  • Cream and Gold Bathroom
  • Floral Ceiling Bathroom
  • White Marble Bathroom
  • Mirror Walled Bathroom
  • Slope Slide Bathroom
  • Swanky Bathroom

Bathroom Design Cost & Prices in Ellerslie

We all know that bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in the house. With some practical tips and tricks, you can turn your basic bathroom into something special by adding more functional space without investing too much. Whether it is a modest or major renovation, you’ll want to hire Five Star Bathrooms, your Bathroom Design Ellerslie specialists who have all the expertise and experience as Ellerslie bathroom designers to handle almost any bathroom renovation needs.

Our team provides a seamless design with project management service to create your dream bathroom from concept and right through completion. Estimating your bathroom renovation cost can be a complicated task, but have no worries because you are about to find a suitable way to understand the cost without thinking too hard about it. The cost of renovating a bathroom has been divided into three categories that will give you a fine idea of how this process works:

  • The cost of fixtures depends on what bathroom wares you choose
  • The cost of labour depends on what parts you want renovated, and whether plumbers or electricians will be required
  • The final cost relates to the complexity and size of the bathroom building materials

Since the average cost of a bathroom renovation begins when you choose to either upgrade or simply start from scratch to build a new one – your budget will revolve around that first decision. Here is the best way to understand how your bathroom size and requirements can affect your quote:

  • The standard size of bathroom design and renovation costs from $8,000 to $15,000
  • Mid-sized bathroom design and renovation cost from $16,000 to $20,000
  • Full bathroom renovation and remodeling cost from $22,000 to $30,000

Bathroom Design - Ellerslie - Services

At Five Star Bathrooms, your kitchen and bathroom Design Ellerslie specialists, you get to collaborate on a bathroom you will fall in love with. Our team completely understands bathroom renovation or remodelling provides convenience, comfort, and enjoyment. This is why we can combine design creativity with our extensive technical knowledge to build a tailored bathroom design that ticks all the boxes.

When you work with us, you get the following:

  • Extremely professional conduct
  • Friendly behaviour and a can-do attitude
  • Expert quick upgrades while keeping the quality high
  • Design product discounted sales specifically for clients
  • Open discussions about all aspects of your bathroom renovation and restoration
  • Professional design and installation
  • Structural and decorative hardware
  • Custom shower or wet room installation
  • A huge variety of sink tops and countertops to choose from
  • Local resources for tiles, fixtures, flooring, and natural stones
  • Access to a full line of cabinets to custom vanities and linen storage

Bathroom Design GUARANTEE

If you are ready to transform your bathrooms and remodel them – it’s time to hire our professional Bathroom Designers in Ellerslie who can provide the knowledge of new and latest ongoing designs, products, and finishes that bring the best results. Hiring a team of specialised designers will give homeowners peace of mind and a safety guarantee while creating a beautiful and elegant bathroom.

Book Your Free Bathroom Design APPOINTMENT

The time has come for you to book your appointment with 5 Star Bathrooms your modern Bathroom Design Ellerslie NZ specialists and get yourself a superb contractor that can install shelving, showers, and bath, tiled floors, mirrors, vanity, sink plumbing, storage, and cupboard services your bathroom deserves that is simple yet functional and easy to clean.

Frequently Asked Questions of a Bathroom Design Company

Do I have to change the bathroom floor while renovating, or can I just change the furniture?

You can actually decide exactly what you want to renovate and omit anything that you don’t want to be touched. Love your bathroom floor or plastic shower boxes? No problem! Keep them! We only advise you to change anything not on your initial list if there is damage that can not be repaired around. Large floor tiles that are cracked beyond repair are definitely worth replacing, but again, the decision lies with you.

What's the benefit of using professional bathroom design in Ellerslie? Can't I do it myself?

While you may have a fantastic set of ideas about how you want your newly renovated bathroom to look, your dream bathroom may not be doable without the help of experienced bathroom design experts. There is a lot to consider when designing your brand new Ellerslie bathroom design, including plumbing, tiling, electrical work and council permissions. For superior renovations that don’t break the rules- or pose a risk to the integrity of your home, use a bathroom design expert like the ones we have on hand at Five Star Bathrooms to help your bathroom renovations get off the ground and be legitimate.

Can you design a bathroom with floating vanities?

Without a doubt. Floating vanities are a popular addition to modern bathrooms and give a small bathroom the air of being bigger and more streamlined. Small bathrooms benefit from floating furniture, so if you have the structural capacity for them, we highly recommend using them. We love floating vanities and know you will adore our selection. Bathroom design in Ellerslie is rife with floating vanities, so you’re in good company and style!

Can you design a bathroom in a corner space?

Absolutely! We can assess the exact dimensions and layout of your bathroom, or soon-t0-be bathroom and the existing plumbing to get a good idea of how to fit functionality and style into a corner space without feeling too cramped. Our Ellerslie bathroom design team has had its fair share of designing awkward spaces into beautiful new bathrooms.

Are you also bathroom suppliers as well as designers?

Yes, we are the full A-Z, wraparound bathroom renovations specialists in Ellerslie who can take your bathroom from paper design to finishing touches. We use fantastic tradespeople and insist on high-quality workmanship for all of our renovations – so you can rest assured that your bathroom is in great hands. Bathroom design in Ellerslie just got a lot easier with our services!

Can you help make my small bathroom look bigger?

Yes, 100%. Part of great design and bathroom renovation is knowing how to optimise even the tiniest of nooks. We can assess your small bathroom and help you decide what you really need in there, and what you don’t, and design a look that opens up the space, brightens it and gives the illusion of more – with less! We use tactics like pale paints and tiles, mirrors, glass doors, hidden cisterns and floating furniture to create an effortless airy feel and maximise space in a once cramped environment.